Nuevas reglas Puños Carmesíes


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16 Dic 2018
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Hace unos días se anunció que en la nueva White Dwarf de enero de 2019 entre otras novedades nos traerían las nuevas reglas de los puños carmesíes. La revista sale a la venta el próximo viernes 4 de enero, pero ya han salido algunas filtraciones del contenido. No es que se vea muy bien debido al tamaño, pero os subo el contenido de las reglas en inglés:




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20 Dic 2018
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He encontrado unas fotos mejores en el inmgur, pero he extraído el texto con OCR que creo que se entenderá mejor, ahí lo llevais :)

PD. A lo mejor hay algún error en los caracteres, ya que no todas las letras las coge bien debido a la calidad y se me han podido pasar al corregirlas.

If your army is Battle forged, Troops units in CRIMSON FISTS Detachments gain the Defenders of Humanity ability. In addition, INFANTRY, BIKER and DREADNOUGHT units (other than SERVITOR units) in CRIMSON FISTS Detachments also gain the No Matter the Odds ability.

If the Warlord of your army is a CRIMSON FISTS CHARACTER, you can pick their Warlord Trait frou1 the Crimson Fists Warlord Traits table below instead of picking one fron1 the Space Marines Warlord Traits table (see Codex: Space Marines). Alternatively, you can roll one D3 and consult the table belo\v to randomly generate a Warlord Trait for them. If your Warlord is Pedro Kantor, he must have the Tenacious Opponent Warlord Trait.

The warriors of the Adeptus Astartes are sworn to defend the lmperiun of Mankind. While a single Space Marine still stands, the light of Humanity will never fade. A unit with this ability that is within range of an objective marker (as specified in the mission) controls the objective marker even if there are more enemy rnodels within range of that objective marker. If an enemy unit within range of the same objective marker has a similar ability, then the objective marker is controlled by the player who has the most models within range of it as normal.

The Crimson Fists have a well deserved reputation for stoicism in battle. Even when they are facing seemingly impossible odds, when their foes surround them on all sides, still they emerge bloodied but victorious . Add I to hit rolls for attacks made by this unit that target an enemy unit that contains at least twice as many models as their own. For the purposes of this ability. CRIMSON FISTS DREADNOUGHT units from your army count as 5 other models.
Designer's Note: If you are unsure of your oen Chapter's founding Chapter, and you feel the rules presented here reflect its character and fighting style better than those in Codex: Space Marines, you can choose to use the rules in this article instead of those in Codex: Space Marines.

This Warlord fights all the harder when he is outnumbered by his foes and all seems lost . If there are at least 10 enemy models within 6" of this Warlord when he fights in the Fight phase, add 03 to his Attacks characteristic until the end of the phase.
Countless times have the enemies of Mankind tried to slay this stoic Warlord in battle. None have succeeded. The first tune this warlord is reduced to 0 wounds, roll one D6. On a 4+ set him up again at the end of the phase, as close as possible to his previous position and more than 1" from any enemy models, with 03 wound remaining.
When this Warlord plants his feet, he and his warriors will hold their ground with implacable determination. All friendly CRIMSON FISTS INFANTRY, BIKER and DREADNOUGHT units have the Defenders of Humanity ability whilst they are within 6" of this Warlord. If a Crimson Fists unit already has this ability, then each model in that unit counts as two rnodels for the purposes of determining who controls objective markers, whilst that unit is within 6" of this Warlord.

If your army is Battle-forged, and includes any CRIMSON FISTS Detachments (excluding Auxiliary Support Detachments), you have access to the Stratagems below in addition to those in Codex: Space Marines, and can spend Command Points to use them. Note that for the purposes of the Limits of Command matched play rule, the Bolter Drill Stratagem below is considered to be the same as the identically named Stratagem used by the Imperial Fists in Codex: Space Marines.

If your arm is led by a CRIMSON FISTS Warlord, then before the battle you may give one of the following Chapter Relics to a CRIMSON FrsTs CHARACTER in your army instead of a Chapter Relic froin Codex: Space Marines. Named characters such as Pedro Kantor cannot be given Chapter Relics. Note that your army can have more than one of the Chapter Relics (from Codex: Space Marines and/or from here) by using the Relics of the Chapter Stratagen1 from Codex: Space Marines. Also note that the Fist of Vengeance is the same Chapter Relic that features in Codex: Space Marines, but is reprinted here for your convenience. Note that these relics replace one of the character's existing weapons. Where this is the case, if you are playing a matched play game or are otherwise using points values, you must still pay the cost of the weapon that is being replaced. Write down any Chapter Relics your characters have on your army roster.

This master-crafted power fist is blood red, and chipped and marked with hundreds of battle scars. Forged many years before the cataclysm that almost destroyed the Crimson Fists, the Fist of Vengeance was recovered frorn the ruins of the Chapter's fortress monastery, miraculously untouched by the devastation that surrounded it. In the years since that dark day, this syrnbol of resilience and defiance has been borne into battle by many heroes of the Chapter.

Presented to Chapter Master Kantor by Roboute Guillirnan upon the day of his departure from Ryn11's World, this masterfully crafted bolt rifle serves
as a rnark of the Primarch's recognition for all the Crirnson Fists have achieved, and a stark rerninder of all there is yet to do. Bestowed upon those Champions of the Chapter who face especially trying and crucial battles, Duty's Burden is an exceptionally lethal and utrerly trustworthy weapon whose determined machine spirit echoes that of the Crirnson
Fists themselves.


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16 Dic 2018
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Así a bote pronto parece un ejército especializado en jugar contra oponentes muy numerosos tipo hordas. A ver si sacan la revista y tenemos las reglas completas, que no están mal tampoco.

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